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Self Billing Invoice Template

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Self Billing Invoice Template - 3 Results Found

"Self Billing Invoice Template" returned the following top 3 invoice templates. The results include template on, and

1. Building Service Billing Template

(c3-006) "Building Service Billing Template" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 94/100.

(From Detail Page - about 142 words) - The 'Bill To' section has 9 lines. This is the place for you to detail your client information. If you use the free invoice template, you can fill in this section as your usual practice. If you use the invoicing manager version, the values of the cells will be saved to database fields identified by cell names, and the purpose of each cell is listed to the left side of the print area, and they are: Name, Owner, Agent, Business Street 1, Business Street 2, Business Street 3, Business City, Business State, and Business Postal Code. If you have ever used the general sales invoice template included in our invoicing software setup program, you may notice the fields are different from those defined in the general sales invoice template, because in this building service billing template most of them are custom fields.

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2. Hourly Invoice Form

(c5-022) "Hourly Invoice Form" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 92/100.

(From Detail Page - about 91 words) - If you are running a service business that charge the services by hour, the hourly invoice form organizes your billable hours efficiently. The invoice template offer to you free of charge here at is suitable for small businesses who don't need a complete and complicated accounting system and still need to create professional and beautiful invoices in an easy and quick way. The invoice template is in Excel spreadsheet (.xls) format and can be used to bill time you spent on client site or project in any field of life.

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3. Soccer Shop Invoice Template

(cn-009) "Soccer Store Billing Format" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 12/100.

(From Description Page - about 91 words) - Soccer Shop Invoice Template is a sample invoice template designed for an imaginary soccer equipment and apparel shop that sells soccer shoes, jerseys, soccer balls, team uniforms, goalkeeper gear, soccer cleats, soccer boots, shin guards, etc. The invoice template has 16 columns on the printable invoice body. You may have different requirements even if you are running a soccer equipment and apparel store, but this billing format gives you a good sample on how to design such a form and can be used as a starting point of your own template.

The requirements and form layout

...(92 words)...

Two levels of taxable check-boxes

...(38 words)...

Branch store addresses

(From Description Page - about 74 words) - There are 3 boxes created at the bottom of the page. They are designed for store/shop addresses, and you can also enter your website and e-mail information here. The store needs these fields to have the ability to show branch store addresses in multiple cities. All these labels are static text, meaning that you can replace them with your own text by simply unprotecting the Invoice worksheet and then typing in your own text.

Terms and conditions

(From Description Page - about 25 words) - The form has the following terms and conditions listed near the bottom of the form. Be sure to modify it according your own business requirements.

...(45 words)...


Invoice Manager notes

Auto-generation of invoice numbers

(From Description Page - about 36 words) - A customer said "We would like the invoice number to automatically show up when you create a new invoice, not when you save it. I do not want to be able to manually enter invoice numbers."

...(21 words)...

(From Description Page - about 43 words) - The rules for generating invoice numbers are set on a per-database basis. That is, if all your computers share the same database (the same set of customers, products) on a local network, those computers will share the same rules for generating invoice number.

...(28 words)...

Removal of the feature for deleting invoices

...(36 words)...

Columns on data-list windows

(From Description Page - about 37 words) - By 'data list window' we refer to those windows or forms that show a group of similar data in a grid format, such as the windows opened by clicking the 'Customers' button, 'Products' button or 'Invoices' button.

...(43 words)...

PDF format

...(46 words)...

The saved invoices are incomplete

(From Description Page - about 47 words) - If you do not enter a product style number (i.e. Product ID) for each product; when you save the invoice that product is not saved. You may notice this when you don't enter a product style number on a new invoice or while editing a saved invoice.

...(81 words)...

Cost and profit

(From Description Page - about 62 words) - Outside the print area, we have created some new columns to the right of the printable invoice which contain cost and profit. It is designed in a way that the cost total found at the bottom of those columns be the cost found on the sales report for the invoice. We also make the total profit line added onto the generated report.

In-cell lookup with product description

...(51 words)...

(From Description Page - about 61 words) - The 'In-cell lookup' feature works for Invoice ID, Product ID and Customer ID only. And, reports are generated based on ID fields too. Currently our invoicing software does not support the in-cell lookup feature on item descriptions. One thing to note that is the invoicing program recalls product information only from the Product table. It cannot recall information from past invoices.

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Self Billing Invoice Template - Summary

Self Billing Invoice Template returned the following top 3 results from database.

Top 3 Results of Self Billing Invoice Template
Title Also Named File Name Number of Columns Template#
Building Service Billing Template Building Service Invoice Form building-service-billing-template 3 c3 * 006
Hourly Invoice Form Hourly Invoice Sample hourly-invoice-form 5 c5 * 022
Soccer Shop Invoice Template Soccer Store Billing Format soccer-shop-invoice-template x cn * 009