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Self Billing Invoice Template

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Self Billing Invoice Template - 5 Results Found

Self Billing Invoice Template returned the following top 5 results from, and database.

Top 5 Results for Self Billing Invoice Template
TitleAlso NamedFile NameNumber of ColumnsTemplate#
Lightweight Sales Invoice TemplateLightweight Sales Billing Formlightweightsales5c5 * 070
Building Service Billing TemplateBuilding Service Invoice Formbuilding-service-billing-template3c3 * 006
Hourly Invoice FormHourly Invoice Samplehourly-invoice-form5c5 * 022
Blank Service Invoice TemplateBlank Service Billing Formblankservice3c3 * 008
Soccer Shop Invoice TemplateSoccer Store Billing Formatsoccer-shop-invoice-templatexcn * 009

"Self Billing Invoice Template" returned the following top 5 invoice templates. The results include template on, and

1. Lightweight Sales Invoice Template (From

(c5070) "Lightweight Sales Billing Form" from was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 93/100.

(From Detail Page - about 70 words) - This template, Lightweight Sales Billing Form, does not uses custom fields, although you can easily add them with Uniform Invoice Software. With Excel Invoice Manager, which is our first generation of invoicing software based on Microsoft Excel, where custom fields (i.e. user-defined fields) should be defined using a standalone tool, Uniform Invoice Software integrates the "Custom Field Manager" into the main program itself and simplifies the use of custom field.

(From Detail Page - about 40 words) - Since this is a sales invoice template, it includes the "Shipping Address" section on the invoice form. If you are providing services and don't need shipping address to appear on the form see Lightweight Service Invoice Template here on

(From Detail Page - about 29 words) - The lightweight Sales Invoice Template does not include a default logo image, and the column borders on the invoice detail section are also removed to simplify the invoice layout.

(From Detail Page - about 236 words) - If you prefer this lightweight invoice layout but still want a logo image on the form, it is easy to add one if you have the latest version of Uniform Invoice Software installed. To do this, simply click the "Replace logo image" command on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. This will open a dialog box that asks if you want to add a new logo image since there is no default logo image placeholder on the form. Confirm that you want to add a logo image, and then browse to and choose the your own logo image. The newly added logo image will be in design mode, which allows you to resize and move the image, and there are even more options you can use to adjust the image if you right-click the image and choose Properties. The options on the Properties pane are provided by Microsoft Excel, but not Uniform Invoice Software. As you can see, one of the advantages of Uniform Invoice Software, compared to other invoicing solutions, is that it utilizes the full power of Microsoft Excel, so that you can easily design / customize the invoice form with familiar tools. This lightweight sales invoice template, just like the other invoice templates available here on, are just samples on how to customize the default invoice template shipped with the Uniform Invoice Software installation program, although they could be used directly without any modifications.


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2. Building Service Billing Template

(c3-006) "Building Service Invoice Form" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 91/100.

(From Detail Page - about 36 words) - A building service billing template is also called building service invoice template, building service invoice form. The building service billing template is a blank service billing form that helps you create invoices with easy and quick.

(From Detail Page - about 64 words) - This invoice template is a highly customized one that offers a very different billing form than the default general sales invoice template included in our invoicing software that you can downloaded from our site and test for free, even though the building service billing template is created from the general sales invoice template like all the customized invoice templates here on this site


3. Hourly Invoice Form

(c5-022) "Hourly Invoice Sample" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 49/100.

(From Description Page - about 66 words) - An hourly invoice is an hourly billing document. It is a service invoice with hourly rate and calculates amount from hours and rate. This hourly invoice form provides you a blank hourly invoice sample that helps you create hourly service invoices with easy and quick. It can be used by consultants, sub-contractors, contracts, casual laborers and other service businesses that charge their services in hourly bases.

...(91 words)...

(From Description Page - about 108 words) - The invoice template has an image located on the top-left corner of the form that serves as a placeholder for your own company or business logo. To do this, simply unprotect the Invoice worksheet and then switch to design mode. Then, right-click the default logo image and choose Properties. Click the '...' button on the Picture property to browse to and use your own logo image. You can also delete the logo image completely if you don't need it. To do this, while in design mode and the Invoice worksheet is not protected, click the image to select it, hit DEL key on your keyboard to delete it.

(From Description Page - about 99 words) - Near the logo image is your company information. In this section, you should detail your company/business name, address, city state and zip, contact number and Tax ID if applicable. At the right section, you may find the fields for 'invoice#' and 'invoice date'. These are two important fields that should appear on all invoices. The 'invoice#' field should be filled with a unique number - it is generally called invoice number but usually you can add prefix text to it, such as 'INV'. If you use Invoice Manager, the invoicing program will help you generate unique invoice numbers automatically.

(From Description Page - about 52 words) - The next section is designed for customer and job location information, where you should detail the customer's name, address, city, state and zip, country, and contact information. A same group of fields should be filled in under the 'Job Location' label if they differ from what appear in the 'Bill To' section.

(From Description Page - about 20 words) - Next are 4 fields for you to fill in: Purchase Order #, Sales Person Name, Payment Term, Payment Due Date.

...(25 words)...

(From Description Page - about 33 words) - On the bottom of the invoice form, you can find subtotal, tax rate and amount, shipping and handling, total, paid and total due. Subtotal, tax amount, total and total due are calculated automatically.

...(66 words)...

(From Description Page - about 61 words) - You may like to create a PDF format hourly invoice. This can not be done with the template itself since it is a pure Excel template without macros. But there are many free add-in programs you can download from the Internet. Once such a program is installed, you can easily create an hourly invoice by simply print to a PDF printer.


4. Blank Service Invoice Template (From

(c3008) "Blank Service Invoice Template" from was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 47/100.

(From Description Page - about 35 words) - Use this Blank Service Invoice Template to standardize your invoices and generate professional invoices quickly. The downloadable template in Excel format calculates totals and taxes automatically so that you don't have to do that manually.

...(179 words)...

...(129 words)...

(From Description Page - about 61 words) - The protection of the Invoice worksheet in Blank Service Invoice Template prevents accidental modifications to layouts and formulas. If you have Uniform Invoice Software installed, it could even display a warning message when you close a template without protecting the invoice worksheet. However for the purpose of this sample, we should firstly unprotect the Invoice worksheet in Blank Service Invoice Template.

...(134 words)...

  • In Excel 2003 click the Design Mode button on the Control Toolbox toolbar. Tip: If the Control Toolbox toolbar is invisible, click Excel menu View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox.
  • In Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013, click the Design Mode button in the Controls group of the Developer tab.

    (From Description Page - about 53 words) - TIP: If the Developer tab is not available in Excel 2007, do the following to display it: a) Click Microsoft Office Button, and then click Excel Options; b) In the Popular category, under Top options for working with Excel, select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box, and then click OK.

    (From Description Page - about 49 words) - Or in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 to display the Developer tab: a) Click File > Options > Customize Ribbon; b) In the area on the right, ensure that the box next to Developer is checked; c) When you click OK, the Developer tab will appear in the ribbon.

(From Description Page - about 22 words) - Once you have finished your design work for Blank Service Invoice Template, click the Design Mode button again to exit design mode.


Note that if you use the Uniform Invoice Software and need to show the control on an extracted invoice, then the control should be named with an "oknWidget_" prefix. For example, if you move the Taxable checkboxes into the printable invoice form, then the checkboxes should be named with "oknWidget_" prefix, such as oknWidget_taxtable1, oknWidget_taxable2, oknWidget_taxable3...

...(98 words)...

(From Description Page - about 61 words) - The template has two taxes set on the bottom of the form, GST and PST. You can modify the tax names and rates easily by simply type in what meets your suitation once the spreadsheet is unprotected. If you need only one tax or need no tax, install Uniform Invoice Software, and modify the taxing rules by several simple mouse clicks.

(From Description Page - about 163 words) - If you use the Uniform Invoice Software version of Blank Service Invoice Template, there are additional taxing options on the Taxes tab of the Settings window. The first is the option for choosing the number of tax items; you have 3 choices - no tax, one tax and two taxes. Secondly, you can set the names and rates in percentage for each tax, such as VAT, GST or PST, or simply Sales Tax. Thirdly, there are a group of checkbox options on the dialog box, including: "Tax invoice total including shipping cost", which adds the shipping cost to the taxable amount when checked; "Tax 2 is applied to tax 1", which adds the amount of "tax 1" to the taxable amount if checked; and "tax rate can be zero", which allows you to set any of the tax rates to be the value of zero. If you modify the options on this dialog box, the invoice form will be changed accordingly if needed.


5. Soccer Shop Invoice Template

(cn-009) "Soccer Store Billing Format" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 13/100.

(From Description Page - about 91 words) - Soccer Shop Invoice Template is a sample invoice template designed for an imaginary soccer equipment and apparel shop that sells soccer shoes, jerseys, soccer balls, team uniforms, goalkeeper gear, soccer cleats, soccer boots, shin guards, etc. The invoice template has 16 columns on the printable invoice body. You may have different requirements even if you are running a soccer equipment and apparel store, but this billing format gives you a good sample on how to design such a form and can be used as a starting point of your own template.

The requirements and form layout

...(92 words)...

Two levels of taxable check-boxes

...(38 words)...

Branch store addresses

...(74 words)...

Terms and conditions

...(45 words)...

Invoice Manager notes

Auto-generation of invoice numbers

...(36 words)...

...(28 words)...

Removal of the feature for deleting invoices

...(36 words)...

Columns on data-list windows

(From Description Page - about 37 words) - By 'data list window' we refer to those windows or forms that show a group of similar data in a grid format, such as the windows opened by clicking the 'Customers' button, 'Products' button or 'Invoices' button.

...(43 words)...

PDF format

...(46 words)...

The saved invoices are incomplete

(From Description Page - about 47 words) - If you do not enter a product style number (i.e. Product ID) for each product; when you save the invoice that product is not saved. You may notice this when you don't enter a product style number on a new invoice or while editing a saved invoice.

...(81 words)...

Cost and profit

...(62 words)...

In-cell lookup with product description

(From Description Page - about 51 words) - A customer asked that, when you type a description of an item that we have already entered in past invoices, was there an auto-recall from the last invoice saved that would automatically bring onto the screen, price per, and item cost each from the last invoice or from the saved list.

Here is our answer:

(From Description Page - about 61 words) - The 'In-cell lookup' feature works for Invoice ID, Product ID and Customer ID only. And, reports are generated based on ID fields too. Currently our invoicing software does not support the in-cell lookup feature on item descriptions. One thing to note that is the invoicing program recalls product information only from the Product table. It cannot recall information from past invoices.