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1. Building Service Billing Template

(c3-006) "Building Service Billing Template" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 91/100.

(From Download Page - about 137 words) - Building Service Billing Template helps you to create beautiful and professional invoices/business documents with an intuitive blank form in Microsoft Excel format. Building Service Billing Template has 3 columns on the form body. "Building Service Billing Template" is categorized as "". The template # of this Building Service Billing Template is "c3-006" here on Creating a business document using this Building Service Billing Template is much like filling a blank paper form using a pen, but the Building Service Billing Template helps you go to electronic invoicing without a hard learning curve, and it also helps in computer-based accounting. Building Service Billing Template is printable like a general Excel document, and the print options can be easily adjusted by first opening Building Service Billing Template, and then go to the Page Setup dialog box in Excel.

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2. Hourly Invoice Form

(c5-022) "Hourly Invoice Form" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 62/100.

(From Detail Page - about 108 words) - The invoice template has an image located on the top-left corner of the form that serves as a placeholder for your own company or business logo. To do this, simply unprotect the Invoice worksheet and then switch to design mode. Then, right-click the default logo image and choose Properties. Click the '...' button on the Picture property to browse to and use your own logo image. You can also delete the logo image completely if you don't need it. To do this, while in design mode and the Invoice worksheet is not protected, click the image to select it, hit DEL key on your keyboard to delete it.

(From Detail Page - about 99 words) - Near the logo image is your company information. In this section, you should detail your company/business name, address, city state and zip, contact number and Tax ID if applicable. At the right section, you may find the fields for 'invoice#' and 'invoice date'. These are two important fields that should appear on all invoices. The 'invoice#' field should be filled with a unique number - it is generally called invoice number but usually you can add prefix text to it, such as 'INV'. If you use Invoice Manager, the invoicing program will help you generate unique invoice numbers automatically.

(From Detail Page - about 52 words) - The next section is designed for customer and job location information, where you should detail the customer's name, address, city, state and zip, country, and contact information. A same group of fields should be filled in under the 'Job Location' label if they differ from what appear in the 'Bill To' section.

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3. Soccer Shop Invoice Template

(cn-009) "Soccer Shop Invoice Template" on was found to be relative to Self Billing Invoice Template with the grade of 61/100.

...(91 words)...

The requirements and form layout

...(92 words)...

Two levels of taxable check-boxes

(From Description Page - about 38 words) - The 'Taxable' checkbox near the label 'SALES TAX' makes the whole invoice taxable or non-taxable. Besides that, there is a column of 'Taxable' checkbox near the product-selection buttons, with which you can make each item taxable or non-taxable.

Branch store addresses

...(74 words)...

Terms and conditions

(From Description Page - about 25 words) - The form has the following terms and conditions listed near the bottom of the form. Be sure to modify it according your own business requirements.

  1. Terms: 50% down net cod. 1% finance charge will accrue each month to past due invoices.
  2. If you are tax exempt you must provide a sales tax exemption form before your order can be placed.
  3. 2% additional fee to all credit card purchases on account.


Invoice Manager notes

Auto-generation of invoice numbers

...(21 words)...

(From Description Page - about 43 words) - The rules for generating invoice numbers are set on a per-database basis. That is, if all your computers share the same database (the same set of customers, products) on a local network, those computers will share the same rules for generating invoice number.

(From Description Page - about 28 words) - If those computers don't share the database, they can have their only rules. To set the rules, click the Settings button, and then go to the Database tab.

Removal of the feature for deleting invoices

...(66 words)...

(From Description Page - about 36 words) - Currently the removal of the 'delete invoice' button is implemented as a hidden feature in our invoicing software. To hide/delete the 'delete invoice' button, download the following registry file and import it into your Windows registry.

...(1 words)...

Columns on data-list windows

(From Description Page - about 37 words) - By 'data list window' we refer to those windows or forms that show a group of similar data in a grid format, such as the windows opened by clicking the 'Customers' button, 'Products' button or 'Invoices' button.

(From Description Page - about 43 words) - To set up the columns appear on the 'Select a customer' box, click the Customers button, and then right-click the data-list area, and then choose the columns. You will like to adjust the width of the columns and width/height of the window too.

PDF format

...(46 words)...

The saved invoices are incomplete

(From Description Page - about 47 words) - If you do not enter a product style number (i.e. Product ID) for each product; when you save the invoice that product is not saved. You may notice this when you don't enter a product style number on a new invoice or while editing a saved invoice.

...(81 words)...

Cost and profit

...(62 words)...

In-cell lookup with product description

...(51 words)...

(From Description Page - about 61 words) - The 'In-cell lookup' feature works for Invoice ID, Product ID and Customer ID only. And, reports are generated based on ID fields too. Currently our invoicing software does not support the in-cell lookup feature on item descriptions. One thing to note that is the invoicing program recalls product information only from the Product table. It cannot recall information from past invoices.

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Self Billing Invoice Template - Summary

Self Billing Invoice Template returned the following top 3 results from database.

Top 3 Results of Self Billing Invoice Template
Title Also Named File Name Number of Columns Template#
Building Service Billing Template Building Service Invoice Form building-service-billing-template 3 c3 * 006
Hourly Invoice Form Hourly Invoice Sample hourly-invoice-form 5 c5 * 022
Soccer Shop Invoice Template Soccer Store Billing Format soccer-shop-invoice-template x cn * 009