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Uncover the Secret of Uniform Invoice Software

Please find find new features / update history, answers to frequently asked questions regarding our desktop invoicing software, as well as hundres free invoicing templates, at Uniform Invoice Software on our new web site

How Uniform Invoice Software works

Sales Invoice Template (Screenshot)

Sales Invoice Template Sample

By using Excel invoice templates as the front-end, creating invoices with Uniform Invoice Software is as easy as filling a blank paper form. No hard learning curve is required.

  •  Create invoices right within a what-you-see-is-what-you-get invoice form.
  •  Search and pick customer / client account detail without leaving the invoice form.
  •  Fill in product / invoicing item detail quickly with "In-cell lookup" feature.
  •  Generate invoice numbers automatically when an invoice is saved.
  •  Open database interface allows you to import your existing customer and product list easily.
  •  Print or email invoice with simple clicks of mouse.
  •  Sales report, customer report, product report, customer statement, sales rep. report and payment report, help you know your business better.
  •  And there are more. Download the fully functional trial version for free to see for yourself!

By using database technology, Uniform Invoice Software overcomes the limitation of a pure Excel invoicing solution and offers powerful features you need with an invoicing program.

  •  Unlimited customers, products, invoices and payments data.
  •  Search customers, products or invoices with exact or approximate conditions.
  •  Export search result in the format you like.
  •  Execute "Stock Alert" with single click of mouse.
  •  Support for incomplete invoice detail (invoice body) section (i.e. "Free Invoice Forms").
  •  Multiple database types (Microsoft Access and SQL Server) ("Enterprise" edition only).
  •  Retrieve customer, product and invoice details by entering customer#, product# or invoice# (in-cell lookup).
  •  And there are more. Download the fully functional trial version for free to see for yourself!
Invoice Template Sample (VAT Invoice Excluding Tax)

Invoice Template Sample (VAT Invoice Excluding Tax)

Invoice Template Sample (Tax Rate per Item Type)

Invoice Template Sample (Tax Rate per Item Type)

Every business is different. You need an invoicing software program that is flexible enough to meet the requirements of your business, whether you are small businesses, freelancers or sole traders.

  •  Use your own logo image, or remove the logo image at all.
  •  Choose any ready-made invoice template from, or create your own invoice format design from our designs.
  •  Replace any text labels on the invoice form, or add your own labels.
  •  Move or delete any controls / commands from the invoice template. (See the "Customizing Invoice Template" document for the details.)
  •  Need to add new fields that are specific to your business? No problem! Uniform Invoice Software supports custom fields, which are user-defined fields you can add to both the invoice form and backend database.
  •  Use Excel formulas to define the relationship between cells (fields). For example, you can even define complete different taxing rules as shown in many invoice template samples offered on
  •  Use all the formatting tools provide by Excel, such as setting fonts, colors, borders, number formats.
  •  And there are more. Download the fully functional trial version for free to see for yourself!

Invoice Templates

Find hundreds originally designed free invoice templates on our new web site!

The following invoice templates are available on this site only. Each Excel invoice template contains two versions. The first is a free invoice template, which you can use without installing our invoicing program; and the second, the "Uniform Invoice Software Version", should be used with our invoicing program installed.


There are 3 different Uniform Invoice Software editions -- Uniform Invoice Software Standard, Uniform Invoice Software Net, Uniform Invoice Software Enterprise.

All are same program, but your registration code will unlock the enhanced features of the higher editions.

The following chart details the differences between Uniform Invoice Software editions.

FeatureFor use on a single computer. A standard edition cannot share database with other installations running on a Local Area Network (LAN). Being able to share database on a LAN allows more than one users work on the same database concurrently, sharing information such as customers, products, invoices and payments.In addition to all the features provided by Uniform Invoice Software Net, The Enterprise edition also supports a new database type, SQL Server.
Free Upgrade Period1 year1 year2 years

If you choose the subscription plan, all features of the Enterprise edition will be available, but the license key will work for the current subscription period only. You should continue the subscription by paying for another subscription period if you wish to keep using the product.

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