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A building service billing template is also called building service invoice template, building service invoice form. The building service billing template is a blank service billing form that helps you create invoices with easy and quick.

Form layout

This invoice template is a highly customized one that offers a very different billing form than the default general sales invoice template included in our invoicing software that you can downloaded from our site and test for free, even though the building service billing template is created from the general sales invoice template like all the customized invoice templates here on this site

On the top of the invoice form, you will neither find the space for your company logo and name, address, nor the big 'INVOICE' heading. This is because the invoice template is designed to be printed the papers with letterhead on it, thus it is not necessary to include the same information again. To make the template suitable for various letterhead sizes, the heights of the several top lines are adjustable. To do this, first unprotect the Invoice worksheet, and then set the appropriate options to show row/column headings and gridlines, and then drag the border of the row heading to resize the rows.

The 'Bill To' section has 9 lines. This is the place for you to detail your client information. If you use the free invoice template, you can fill in this section as your usual practice. If you use the invoicing manager version, the values of the cells will be saved to database fields identified by cell names, and the purpose of each cell is listed to the left side of the print area, and they are: Name, Owner, Agent, Business Street 1, Business Street 2, Business Street 3, Business City, Business State, and Business Postal Code. If you have ever used the general sales invoice template included in our invoicing software setup program, you may notice the fields are different from those defined in the general sales invoice template, because in this building service billing template most of them are custom fields.

To the right of the 'Bill To' section there are 3 important fields, invoice#, invoice date and your own VAT#. The first two cells are editable, and the last cell is locked.

The invoice body section includes 3 columns. The first column is a description column, where you can detail the job done. The second column is the Amount column, and the third column is the VAT column. The VAT is calculated automatically when you enter the Amount values.

Following is a section of ' Disbursements', such as: a) Printing, Copying, b) Telephone, c) Postage, d) Travelling, e) General Expenses.

On the bottom of the invoice form, there are summary cells of Subtotal, VAT and Total Due. These cells are all calculated automatically.

If you use the version that runs with our invoicing software, it is recommended that you fill in customer information into the S14:S22 section outside the print area. This section also provides a drop-down list titled with 'Frequency'. If you don't need this, you can ignore it or delete it completely.

The invoice template itself does not create PDF format commercial invoices, but you can install one of those free add-in programs for your Office, such as PrimoPDF. Once such a program is installed, you can create your PDF commercial invoice by simply print to the PDF printer in Microsoft Excel.

Noticeable features

On the top of the invoice body, the column heading section where it usually titled with 'Description' is now replaced with a label 'Re:' and a text field for showing site address. This (merged) cell is named oknSiteAddress and is filled with a formula automatically:


The above formula means that if the S43 cell has a value, then the value should be filled into oknSiteAddress, otherwise oknSiteAddress shows an empty string.

Now if you take a look at cell S43, it has a formula too:

=VLOOKUP(oknJobNumber,'Job & Site Ref'!B5:C100,2,FALSE)

The above formula tells Excel to search for the value of the cell named oknJobNumber in the B5:C100 section on the 'Job & Site' worksheet, and if found, use the value of on the second column to populate the current cell.

The above two formulas work together to implement a feature that allows you enter a reference number in the oknJobNumber cell (to the right side of the 'Invoice To' section), the site address will be automatically filled in according to the list of the B5:C100 area on the Job & Site Ref worksheet. For example, if the B5:C100 area has a line of 'j01', '12345 Appold Street', and you enter the job number 'j01' into the oknJobNumber cell, then the site address '12345 Appold Street' will be displayed/filled by the formulas.


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Building Service Invoice Form - printed document

This is how building service billing template will look like when you open it with Microsoft Excel.

Building Service Invoice Form - Excel worksheet

The following version of Building Service Billing Template should be used with Invoice Manager for Excel installed.

Building Service Invoice Form - Invoice Manager for Excel edition

Download Building Service Billing Template

Quick facts

  • Template#: c3-006
  • Columns: 3


Choose the format you like and download Building Service Billing Template for free by clicking the corresponding "Download" button. The zip packages include the simplified version for Invoice Manager (Lite).

The Excel template integrated with Invoice Manager for ExcelDownload
Building Service Billing Template (Building Service Invoice Form) in PDF formatDownload
Building Service Billing Template and database in a self-extracting zip packageDownload
Building Service Billing Template, the Excel template (workbook) only (.xls or .xlsx)Download
The Excel template in zip packageDownload

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