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This free sample invoice template implements a feature that allows you to charge different tax rates based on the type of an invoicing item - for example, one tax rate for labor and another tax rate for general items (products). The type of an item can be selected from a dropdown list, the Excel formulas implemented in the template check the type, and apply correct tax rate to the current item. The template then calculates all the line totals, subtotal, tax total and grand total, all done in an automated way. You might think this type feature could be hard to find even in some complicated invoicing programs, but with Excel it is done without a line of programming code. This is another good example of how to fulfill your special business requirements by using Excel-based invoicing.


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Different Tax Rate per Item Type - printed document

This is how different tax rate per item type will look like when you open it with Microsoft Excel.

Different Tax Rate per Item Type - Excel worksheet

The following version of Different Tax Rate per Item Type should be used with Invoice Manager for Excel installed.

Different Tax Rate per Item Type - Invoice Manager for Excel edition

Download Different Tax Rate per Item Type

Quick facts

  • Template#: cn-004


Choose the format you like and download Different Tax Rate per Item Type for free by clicking the corresponding "Download" button. The zip packages include the simplified version for Invoice Manager (Lite).

The Excel template integrated with Invoice Manager for ExcelDownload
Different Tax Rate per Item Type (Different Tax Rate per Item Type) in PDF formatDownload
Different Tax Rate per Item Type and database in a self-extracting zip packageDownload
Different Tax Rate per Item Type, the Excel template (workbook) only (.xls or .xlsx)Download
The Excel template in zip packageDownload

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