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This free VAT invoice template / invoice form helps you create invoices easily and quickly. No sign-up or installation is needed. Simply download the free invoice template in the format you like, fill in your company name and address, and start to create your professional and beautiful invoices in seconds. You may hear about those complicated and complete invoicing programs, but this free solution gives you an easy and quick alternative.

This free VAT invoice template differs from the other invoice forms available for free on this site in that it supports two separate vat tax rates, with one for a product / item category you choose. When creating an invoice, you choose the type of the current product / item using a dropdown list, the VAT invoice template then choose an appropriate tax rate for the current product / item, and then calculate taxes using the selected tax rates. All these are done in an automated way. If your client provides its own VAT registration number, it is then VAT-exempt.

This free invoice template supports VAT-exempt. VAT is different from sales taxes in the United States and other countries, as sales tax is only assessed on the end consumer. The value added tax (VAT) is levied by countries in the European Union on the sale of goods and services at all of the steps in the production chain. However, European governments individually discount or exempt certain items and services from the payment of VAT. Many goods and services are exempt from VAT or have a 0 percent VAT rate in the United Kingdom. However, the method of taxation varies from government to government, with some imposing VAT as a sales tax on products at both the wholesale and retail level. There is no international standard.

When you are opening the invoice template for the first time, you see a blank invoice form. The first thing you need to do is to fill in your company name and address. After that, you fill in the invoice form just like filling in a paper form. Printing is easy with this invoice template; all you need to do is to click the "Print" command in your Excel. There are also a number of print options you can adjust in Excel, such as number of copies to print, page margins, page header and footer. You may already head that Office is an ideal choice for creating business documents, this invoice template might be a good example of that.

While there are many commercial invoice template designs available on the Internet, this one is free and you can simply download it and on your way to invoicing! If you like, you can also make small adjustments and make the invoice form an estimate template or receipt template. Thanks to Excel that gives you all the powerful tools for creating business documents in a flexible way.

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Template with 2 VAT Rates - printed document

This is how invoice template with two vat tax rates will look like when you open it with Microsoft Excel.

Template with 2 VAT Rates - Excel worksheet

The following version of Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates should be used with Invoice Manager for Excel installed.

Template with 2 VAT Rates - Invoice Manager for Excel edition

Download Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates

Quick facts

  • Template#: c5-005
  • Columns: 5


Choose the format you like and download Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates for free by clicking the corresponding "Download" button. The zip packages include the simplified version for Invoice Manager (Lite).

The Excel template integrated with Invoice Manager for ExcelDownload
Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates (Template with 2 VAT Rates) in PDF formatDownload
Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates and database in a self-extracting zip packageDownload
Invoice Template with Two VAT Tax Rates, the Excel template (workbook) only (.xls or .xlsx)Download
The Excel template in zip packageDownload

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