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If you are a United Kingdom (UK)-based small business owner or freelancer, this free VAT invoice template helps you create invoices easily and quickly. Invoicing your clients is a fairly straightforward and simple process, provided you have a good invoice template to work from. This invoice template might meet your requirements well if you are running a service business.

On the top of the invoice the form shows your company information and the big word 'INVOICE'. Following it there is a customer section located on the left (usually titled with 'Bill To' in the templates available on Uniform Software - but this type of static text can be changed easily - you can simply type in your own labels to replace the existing one.) At the right hand there are fields for 'VAT REG #', 'Tax Date', 'Invoice Number', 'Purchase Order #', 'Payment Term' and 'Due Date'. On the invoice detail section there are 4 columns inside the print area, i.e. 'Description', 'Price', 'VAT' and 'TOTAL'. Since this invoice template is designed for service business, the 'Quantity' column is fixed to '1' and located outside the print area. Another feature of this invoice template is that it allows you to specify VAT Rate for each item (again, outside the print area). If your items are always at the same vat level, you can fill in the VAT Rate column and lock this column of values.

Currency figures on this template are formatted with UK currency symbol. In case you need to use another currency symbol, you can drag your mouse to select the cells in question, and then right-click one of the selected cells; and then, choose 'Format Cells'. On the 'Number' tab, you can set the number format in the way you like. Note that the 'Format Cells' dialog box also provides other formatting options, including fonts, colors, patterns, borders, as well as the option for locking/unlocking cells or fields. By using the options on the dialog box, you can easily create your own invoice format quickly based on the free invoice form that you can download here on

Invoice# (or invoice number) is an important identifier of an invoice. You can usually use prefix string in the invoice#, but be sure to keep the invoice# unique. If you use Invoice Manager invoicing program, it creates invoice# automatically.

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VAT Invoice Form - printed document

This is how vat service invoice form will look like when you open it with Microsoft Excel.

VAT Invoice Form - Excel worksheet

The following version of VAT Service Invoice Form should be used with Invoice Manager for Excel installed.

VAT Invoice Form - Invoice Manager for Excel edition

Download VAT Service Invoice Form

Quick facts

  • Template#: c4-010
  • Columns: 4


Choose the format you like and download VAT Service Invoice Form for free by clicking the corresponding "Download" button. The zip packages include the simplified version for Invoice Manager (Lite).

The Excel template integrated with Invoice Manager for ExcelDownload
VAT Service Invoice Form (VAT Invoice Form) in PDF formatDownload
VAT Service Invoice Form and database in a self-extracting zip packageDownload
VAT Service Invoice Form, the Excel template (workbook) only (.xls or .xlsx)Download
The Excel template in zip packageDownload

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